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NGIP Agmark Limited is a Papua New Guinean trading company with significant business diversity which encompasses Cocoa, Coffee, Retailing (building, hardware, agricultural supplies & machinery), Coastal Shipping and Transport, Engineering Fabrication, and Property Development and Investments.
A publicly owned company with approximately 4000 shareholders listed on the Port Moresby Stock Exchange, NGIP Agmark Limited employs 1800 people and is an amalgamation of two companies, New Guinea Islands Produce Company and Agmark Pacific Limited.
New Guinea Islands Produce (NGIP) was set up in 1957 as a “Tolai cocoa project” by the then Colonial Administration to function as a cooperative buying venture. It operated 18 fermenteries and processed dry cocoa with the aim of developing an economic base around cocoa within East New Britain province. It was incorporated as a company on March 2, 1971.
In 1988, Agmark Pacific Limited commenced trading with Kina Gillbanks and Company serving as project managers for its plantations. The following year (1989) NGIP jointly engaged the services of Agmark Pacific Limited and two other cocoa growing companies to handle all of NGIP’s cocoa exports on a commission basis.

By 1990 Agmark Pacific Limited, with the two other cocoa-growing companies, were managing 23 projects covering 4400 hectares of re-developed cocoa plantations. Agmark Pacific Limited quickly diversified from its base of cocoa buying and agricultural management to establishing businesses in Hardware Retailing, Coastal Shipping and Steel Fabrication.
The two companies (New Guinea Islands Produce and Agmark Pacific Limited) formally amalgamated in 2005, consolidating the relationship established in 1989, with each now owning fifty percent of NGIP Agmark Limited.
Today, NGIP Agmark Limited is the country’s largest cocoa grower, trader and exporter. The company exports more than 60 percent of PNG’s cocoa into Asia, China, the USA and Europe. It ships directly to the world’s largest chocolate manufacturers.
The company markets and trades a range of other agricultural commodities including copra, essential oils, chillies, pepper and other spices as well as coffee which it ventured into recently when it purchased Niugini Tea and Spice in January 2012.
It's line of businesses: transport & logistics, stevedoring & agency, machinery, shipping, property development and a chain of hardware retail sites around the country.


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